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Patient Appointments, Pharmacy, OPD, Ayurverdic Medicine Prescription, Panchakarma


Following features are available here..

Front Office

Front Office is the part of our organisation that handles everything related to appointments.

OPD-Out Paitent

An outpatient department is the part of a hospital designed for the treatment of outpatients.

Internal Prescription

It is an instruction to a pharmacist, written by a doctor to add drug in a specified dose.


Here we can generate Vendor bill, Purchase medicinces, manage stock, import and add medicine.


Auto bill generation of patient prescription, View balance payment, Generate bills

Live Consultation

Live Consultation tends to professional advice when and wherever you need it.


Manage the financial transactions like your clinic/hospitals daily Income and Expenses

Human Resource

Human Resourse module offers the management of Staff, Payroll, Leaves, Attendance


It is used by doctors for communicating with patients, via messages, sms or emails.


Inventory manage the Clinic/Hospitals materials or other equipment with its stock/quantity.


A detailed and very advanced reporting tool to explore the Clinic/Hospitals activities and required information.

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